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QiScan® Assessments

fproduct-8QiScan® Assessments are highly advanced protocols utilizing a computerized health information retrieval system that measures energetic profiles of the body and “reads” corresponding organ system balance, weakness or stress. Pronounced “chee scan”, this non-invasive process measures acupuncture points (acu-points); the points used in Chinese Medicine to determine the energetic health of the body. The impact on the balance of each organ and system can be evaluated for accumulation of environmental toxins which include heavy metals, chemicals, microbes, allergy potential to foods, pollens, drugs, homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements.

How is this procedure done?

A non-invasive testing device is placed upon pre-determined acu-points on the hand. Every time this probe is placed upon an acu-point, a measurement indicating corresponding organ system balance, weakness or stress appears on the computer screen and is recorded for tracking purposes. At the conclusion of the QiScan® protocol, a complete bio-energetic health assessment is prepared and interpreted providing you with recommendations on integrating medications and nutrients to improve your well-being.

With QiScan®, several investigative protocols are available:

  • Environmental Assessment: an evaluation of systemic impact from foods, medications, microbes and toxic heavy metals.
  • Heavy Metal Assessment: an evaluation of exposure and toxicity potential to heavy metals.
  • Allergy Assessment: a comprehensive evaluation of food, pollen, drug and supplement sensitivity along with histamine and gut inflammatory  response potential.
  • Prescription Drug Assessment: an evaluation of quantity compatibility and interaction

QiScan® Tech Trainings

For licensed Nurse Practitioners, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Dentists and other qualified Healthcare professionals.

Learn how to expedite your access to effective solutions for your clients using QiScan® Protocols developed by Gloria M. Jackson, MD.  Culminating ten years of research, it is time to increase your earnings by incorporating these time & moneysaving preventative protocols into your practice. Learn to customize supplement, herb and pharmaceutical usage to optimize their impact. Expand your services by using this twenty-first century green technology; be good to the environment, your clients and yourself.