Healing Rhythms, Songs and Chants


Emi Ka Sai D'Arugbo
Mystery Of Love
Ara Mi Le
Initiation Dance

Healing Rhythms, Songs and Chants
1995 Olatunji Music/Amin Music
All Rights Reserved



When, where and how you listen to this album, be sure to do so when you are relaxed and at peace with yourself. Remember that only you can bring to fruition and manifestation your heartfelt desires, hopes, and aspirations through “faith” and the awareness of your oneness with Olugbala – the Savior; Olupese – the Provider; Oluwosan – the Healer.

The healing process begins with realizing that your oneness with the cosmic energy is not to be resisted.

Positive thoughts, positive affirmations, positive prayers and the compelling rhythms of these recordings will help align our minds with the constant flow of the cosmic process so that we can consistently and consciously think, speak, walk, and act in harmony with it. Be sure that you are not driving a car or operating any kind of machinery when you are listening to this music. ● Babatunde Olatunji

GloriaRain and Tanyah Dadze joined Baba on this CD recorded at Patama Studios in Oakland, CA.


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