Old Fine Funky


Got Blues
What You Won't Do
Change My Life
Working On Me
Whatever We Find
Let Love Flow
Ao Dzidzo
Every Breath You Take
Whatever We Find Dub

Old Fine Funky
2018 Cotton Pickin Music/SpiritHouse Records
One-ina Publishing
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 Nubii – World Beat Smooth & Sweet

In 1990 The Foundation For The Healing Arts established SpiritHouse Records to record and release positive music for positive people. The group “Nubii”, lead by Gloria M. Jackson, MD and Tanyah Dadze Cotton, recorded their first demo with the help of Patrice Rushen. Staying true to the mission was not easy. This is story of the journey from then to now, their new release “Old Fine Funky”.

Nubii is one of those groups that said “No” to the industry, sacrificing riches to keep their integrity. In the early 1990’s Nubii was offered three record deals with LaFace Records, Capital Records and Death Row Records.

There’s an old saying “too righteous for your own good.”  We walked away from the Los Angeles music business continued our nonprofit work and played with major artists out of the Caribbean, West Africa and the East Coast. These artists included Patrice Rushen, Babatunde Olatunji, Ras Midas and Gaye Adegbalola, covering Funk, R&B, West African Highlife, Reggae and Blues. No regrets.

We got together this summer, at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studio in Fredericksburg Virginia, to record with old friend Clarence “Pookie” Jenkins (bass) and new friends Alberto Limonta Perez (congas) and Jeff Covert (drums, guitar).

Old, Fine, Funky is a project of love and friendship.


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