“I had my appointment this morning with the cardiologist. He was MOST impressed with my readings over the past month, my weight loss, and the latest Qi-Scan. He was very interested in your ability to treat the whole person! He gave me permission to experiment with lowering one or both of my BP medications with your assistance. All in all, I was pleased with his comments. I don’t need to go back for 6 months. Kudos to you….” B.S.- Fredericksburg, VA

“All in all, I am so much better and can enjoy more and more things that I used to, prior to when all of this happened. I haven’t had to use a sick day since April when I had a virus that everyone I work with had. That says a lot. Last year I had over 6 weeks sick leave and used all but one week because of all that was happening to me.”  T.B. – Marin County, CA

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