QiScan® assessments provide a comprehensive interpretation of your health. Your assessment profile is then used to develop an individualized program of interventions using vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutraceuticals or other natural solutions compatible with the clients’ nutrients or prescription drugs. QiScan® assists in identifying healing interventions that are useful for optimal system rebalancing.

How is this procedure done?

A highly advanced Acu-Point testing device with a non-invasive probe is placed upon pre-determined Acu-points on the hand. Every time this probe is placed upon an Acu-point, a measurement indicating corresponding organ system balance, weakness or stress will appear and be recorded. At the conclusion of this protocol, a complete bio-energetic health assessment will be presented, along with interpretation and nutraceutical and/or integrative pharmaceutical recommendations.

With QiScan®, several investigative protocols are available:

  • Environmental Assessment: an evaluation of systemic impact from foods, medications, microbes and toxic heavy metals.
  • Heavy Metal Assessment: an evaluation of exposure and toxicity potential to heavy metals.
  • Allergy Assessment: a comprehensive evaluation of food, pollen, drug and supplement sensitivity along with histamine and gut inflammatory response potential.
  • Prescription Drug Assessment: an evaluation of quantity compatibility and interaction potential.
  • Nutritional Assessment: an evaluation of nutritional requirements and compatibility.
  • Health Assessment: a complete evaluation of every major organ and organ system including teeth & gums.