What We Do

Our Medical Methodology

The Foundation for the Healing Arts (FHA) conducts research on effective uses of herbal supplements and efficient ways to cleanse, balance, and reset bodily functions. This process of individualized discovery is called Medical Nutrition. Our methodology encompasses integral care and preventive philosophies which may unfortunately fall outside of the conventional healthcare model.

We practice client advocacy at FHA. Our aim is to empower clients with information on healthcare options to enable them to participate more fully in their own healing. Working within an inclusive service model, we consult on how to work with your own doctors, and provide recommendations on natural solutions as additional options in approaching your health issues.

Focus On Quality

In 1985, Gloria M. Jackson, MD founded this organization while also establishing the term “healing arts” and the slogan “improving the quality of our lives”. We have watched the popularity of preventative care increase over the decades with many providers adopting these terms as part of their mantras. Paying particular attention to quality, effectiveness and affordability, Dr. Jackson has established her own “Qi-line” (pronounced chee line) supplements. The Sustainable Wellth™ website offers these time tested, researched and proven effective Qi-line supplements to network members, clients and the public.

Individual Approach

Everyone has an art that assists them in their healing and we believe that by offering a wide range of qualified providers, clients are more likely to discover the elements needed for their complete healing. Our approach is to offer individuals customized nutritional products and services to begin the process of achieving wellness.

Preventative Care

FHA is a pro-prevention organization. Our research has prioritized alternative medicine protocols, while establishing their time and place in your wellness picture. “For everything there is a time” and we’re happy that you have found our website.

FHA has been designated as a Green Health Care Organization by the Teleosis Institute of Berkeley California. FHA is dedicated to resource conservation, environmental health education and sustainable medicine. Sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment, medicine and human health. A key component in our integrative approach to health and well-being is Medical Nutrition™. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but only with the correct nutritional support. It is with deep appreciation of this fact that we aim to support our natural power to heal by regaining balance in the body, through integrative means, when environmental or systemic imbalances have created illness.

Ongoing Research

All our clients have agreed to participate in  the ongoing research on the effectiveness of herbal supplements conducted by the Foundation for the Healing Arts. Through this research Foundation For The Healing Arts offers products that have no harmful effects, chemicals or additives and are considered safe when used for their intended purpose.